Moving on…

Posted On: Sunday, October 03, 2010

It’s been quite some time since i purchased my X1i and since i did, i’ve loved it and the customizability of the system but i’ve also hated various things; lack of official updates, fading back, cracking case, and a couple of few other things here and there. But overall it was a great ride – that i’ll admit. There’s no denying that the handset is quite outdated now and the Windows Mobile experience has gotten a little cold… and thus i decided, time to move on.

My next stop? I’m highly inclined towards Windows Phone 7… When i first saw it, i had mixed opinions about it. But its grown on me and i’ve fallen in love with the entire new system. Sure there are some functionality limitations here and there but i expect Microsoft to release updates to the system efficiently and periodically… Question comes to availability and device manufacturer: as far as the latter is concerned, HTC is my best bet for the time being. Reliable hardware, quick software updates, and proper support. Though its difficult to say right now with other manufacturers throwing out some really awesome looking images of upcoming devices.

If for some reason, i don’t end up getting a Win Pho 7 device, i’m looking towards Blackberry as my next choice. Initially i was thinking about Android but i love the BB system more and am really liking the new Blackberry OS coming soon to devices…

With that rant, let me state something really obvious: this blog would thus be made inactive from here onwards. Or perhaps i’ll keep the same ‘Xperiancer’ title and start off blogging about whatever phone i do get. So keep an eye out for any updates…! ;)

It was a good ride, this blog… Thank you to all my readers and those who commented and participated in one way or another. It was fun having a new phone with so much potential but it truly made it worth it by sharing it with y’all out there!

Adios Amigos! :)


6 Responses to “Moving on…”

  1. Melk

    I'm also jumping ship to a HTC Desire Z in a few weeks, when it comes out. It's been nice having the X1 though... Good luck with the new phones / blogs. ;)

  2. Unknown

    I have the same comments as yours. X1i was of course a good experiment.

    I am moving to Apple now. An easy guess: iPhone4 :)

    Thanks for everything; it has been fun!

  3. surrendering to reality

    hi..can u tell me whre to get the 23539 rom for xperia? i cudnt find it newhere on xda :(

  4. Unknown

    Respect to this blog i loved reading your articles. I still have the X1 but not for long..

    Please let us know what your final choice is.

  5. msalmank

    @surrendering to reality - afraid not... try searching on XDA? There are too many ROMs flowing around now and i searched for that one on my drive as well but must've deleted it, if i ever did download it...

  6. msalmank

    Posting about what i've been looking at shortly...

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