Webinar Attended…

Posted On: Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remember that I mentioned Sony Ericsson was hosting a webinar on the 29th? Well, I attended. And though better than the last/first webinar, i am sad to report that there was no mention of the updated ROMs that have recently surfaced, nor was there any mention of any new panels to-be-released in the near future. It was surprisingly just another walk-through of Panels on Xperia going into a little detail on setting up the Sony Ericsson Panel and using the SPB Panel.

Despite increasing reports of cracks in its case and color fading off of the back cover – thankfully I’m only a victim of the later – i believe Xpeia to be the best Windows Mobile device out there. With the functionality of Panels, it can become much more. But lack of panel development has left the xperiance a little dry. C’mon SE! Release some new panels that will do us proud.


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