CNN & On the Road Panels

Posted On: Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember the announcement at MWC 2009 of 4 new Panels headed our way? (Not including the Growing Panel)

The CNN Panel and On The Road Panel are now available (beta version?) for download via XDA forums – thanks to gtrab. The CNN panel delivers news & weather to you in a user-friendly interface and the Road Panel provides a couple of features including a speedometer, easy to use dialer and media player on the panel. Both the panels are good additions to the Xperia Panels Gallery and provide two really useful interfaces.

Head on over to Pocketnow to watch the panels in action. And to download, go here.


7 Responses to “CNN & On the Road Panels”

  1. fyt

    get all these panels @

  2. Abdulla Ameer

    Monsieur "fyt", I cant seem to understand how to install the mytopia panel due to language problems, and the skype panel doesn't seem to have any function what so ever.
    Can you please explain how to install.

  3. msalmank

    @Abdulla - Read the comments on that page. The skype panel is reported to be not working...

    I haven't tried out Mytopia myself either...

  4. fyt

    The skype panel is just a shell. You still need the skype program. Skype panel is a user friendly interface that shows your contacts etc.

  5. fyt

    Mytopia panel: first unrar on your desktop, then copy the three files to your mobile and run the cab files seperately. Be aware that Mytopia requires you to connect to the internet and login. Connecting to the internet is not free of charge.
    Have fun.

  6. msalmank

    I don't think the Skype Panel is a front... The reason it probably doesn't work is 'coz it requires the new Panel Manager. (i'm flashing to Touch-IT v4.5 at the moment so will try installing it as soon possible)

  7. fyt

    M slaman K: I still believe it to be a shell/front. This is what se press release states: A unique Skype panel brings quick access to Skype on the X1, telling you at a glance which of your friends are online. Browse easily through your contacts and call or instant message them in just a couple of clicks, or customise your handset using the evening, daylight or event based effects.

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