Would you Give Up your Xperia?

Posted On: Tuesday, June 02, 2009

If you were given the choice; give up your Xperia and get any new device… would you go for it or not? Recently i was made that same offer and i almost went for it, but surprisingly the Panel interface stopped me from doing so.

I sometimes hate how the screen is recessed making it harder to get into the corners at times. I also don’t like the speaker on the phone at times. And similarly a few other things… But for me, the Xperia Panels experience is turning out to be more than what i would have imagined. No matter what mobile set i think of, Touch Pro 2, Acer with its new 3D Interface, etc. the Panel Interface turns out the winner over ‘em all.

What do you think?


16 Responses to “Would you Give Up your Xperia?”

  1. Melk

    I still like it because it's almost as good as a Touch Pro 2, but it fits in my pocket. It's the only 800x480 + keyboard device with a decent size.

    I don't use the panels so often anymore, mainly because the program I'm running in a panel will be closed when switching to another panel. I prefer to run some of the programs in background and switch them without closing them...

    Also - stil not so many useful panels yet... It's just pleasant to change the interface now and then, but nothing too useful.

    But right now I'd stick with my X1, the only phone which is slightly better is Touch Pro 2 but I don't like its size.

  2. Syed Ammar Abbas

    Hey! Ok the thing is ive always been a sonyericsson guy! Got a nokia 6600 as my first phone, but later replaced it with a P900i. Since then ive been a SE freak! lol! I mean all phones ive had were SE (W900, W880, W960....) and ive always wanted a WM phone! And X1 was a dream come true! (dunno what others think but it is for me) i mean always thought you cant do much with a WM but MAN!** i mean i cant even think of gettin some other phone. time comes when after a while you get sick of a phone but with my x1 everyday is a new day! :P Lol to sum it up i wouldnt exchange my x1 for any phone in the market right now! checked the specs for idou but its not a WM so iam kinda over symbians, uiq etc! GO WM!

    ** Much of the credit goes to xperiancer! i mean i literally check the blog everyday for new juice :P

  3. FoGo

    i would change it!!!
    for two reasons...
    first i like buying new stuff so much...but of course i cannot change such expensive gadgets like this so if i had the chance i would do so!
    the second reason is the devise...i thing that the screen is not the best (the resolution is but i find her "soft" unlike iphone's for excample and the corners...it really is annoying sometimes!).also the hardware keyboard is not a "must" as i thought it was...i can leave without it...it also makes the devise fat...
    ooooooooh!!!and something more about the software...i really like symbian's ui for handsets with touch screen.it is not as complicated as windows and the devise is closer to a "cell phone" than a "computer"

  4. FoGo

    if i was able to change it now i would buy Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

  5. Graf0

    At the moment there is nothing that I would change my X1 with. I agree that the device isn't perfect but what device is? Perfect doesn't exist but the X1 is damn close for my needs.

  6. M.Salman.K

    Cool to see so many responses... :)

    @Ammar - thank mate, i try to keep it updated as much as possible though i've honestly been lacking in that department lately. :)
    I definitely agree that once you move to WinMo, you just can't live without it.. the level of customizations and tweaking, etc. no other device can provide that.

    @Melk - i know exactly what you mean. I love that it is the same resolution as the HD or TP Pro 2, but i love how it is smaller in size and can easily fit into the pocket. As for programs... funny thing is that i never noticed that all programs cloed on switching panels... is that really so??? i'll have to test that out.

    @Fogo - i understand where you are coming from too... i get quite frustrated with the recessed screen at times. But honestly... i would rather have a powerful phone with the capability to funciton as a work phone as well as a casual phone and then some than most out there... But that's me. Haven't seen Samsung i8910 Omnia HD yet, but my first choice for a WinMo device was the WM Omnia i900, but boy am i glad i didn't go with that one! :)

    @Graf0 - Perfection is nothing but a fantasy. But i do agree that even with its flaws, Xperia cuts it pretty close...

  7. M.Salman.K

    I did have to give up my Xperia... well only for a week. My brother has been after me to let him use it for a bit so i gave it to him for a week... am stuck with his P1i.

    One phone i would definitely like to try out is the Palm Pre... i wouldn't give up Win Mo easily, but i would definitely like to try out that device and Palm's Web OS...

  8. A S

    Well, i have had a lot of phones so far. But the Sony Ericssons are still my favorites. I love the Xperia but i have the same annoying problems with those hatefull corners. However.. i must say, having SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 installed was a big improvement.

    Im looking out for Palm Pre as the only real competitor of my Xperia. since i found out that the Thouch Pro 2 is not that much of a improvement compared to my Xperia.

    I would advise you not to switch phones for another, very selfish reason: the end of this blogspot... ? :-P

  9. Amit

    I do like keeping an eye on what's new in the cellphone market. I would have got an iPhone (simply 'coz it's the natural extension to my macbook), but it has it's limitations. Samsung Omnia was one of the choices when I was shopping for a new phone last October to upgrade from my P1i (which I was otherwise quite happy with, but had it for quite a while).

    Anyway, at this time, there is no phone which comes as close to the overall feature set, the looks and size/pocketablity (and even with the hardware keyboard) to the X1. So I see myself staying with the X1 for a while, at least another year, or maybe two, even in this fast changing technology field.

    If Apple brings out an iPhone with a hardware keyboard, and slightly smaller form factor, that'll be the one for me :-)

  10. Naveen

    I would get confused if you ask me that question

    I loved Xperia. There is no doubt in it.
    I dont like WM for many reasons. User Interface is the first one

    I expected lot about Panels, but after these many months of release still we can count on number of panels that are available out there. First I am very much dissappointed in this case.

    But xperia is very stylish, good loooking phone with high performance.

    I love the phone if we have more applications on it which perfectly uses its hardware.(Now even Windows OS cannot use its potential properly, I believe)

    I am expecting lot in the next update as all other xperiancers do. I may make more comments on Xperia if you would ask me, also I can clearly say Would I be ready to give up Xperia.

  11. Angus Rouse

    There were times when I considered trading my xperia for one of the HTC branded phones like the TouchPro but love the flexibility that the x1 offers. I do get bored with the same home screen and that's where the panel interface really comes to the rescue. As a personal choice, I dislike being stuck with the same home screen like TF3D.
    It's true that there are a lot of great applications that do not work very well with the X1's non-standard resolution, od cannot work on the x1 at all coz of hardware limitations (g-sensor). Nevertheless, I still love the xperia and might think of changin it to the x2 (if it ever comes out) or the TouchPro2

  12. Johnny Boy

    Wouldnt swap it for any 2 new phones, from what i can see.

    I waited so patiently from the Februaury announcement, till October, when it first hit the UK streets. I did my research, and i knew this was the only phone for me.

    After finding this blog, and XDA devs, my small dissapointment with the X1 was washed away. All the little tweaks and apps etc have perfected, for me, the device SE hadnt quite finished off.

    Love my X1. And its mine all mine.

  13. EmArA

    I love the X1 just because of the panels & keyboard but for me WM as UI&Os suck since 4ever ... (Imate)
    I think SE r in a transitional period now but they need to stick to one OS concerning smartphones (Symbian UIQ, then WM and now symbian with the satio ?!! and later Android 2.0
    The only thing that concerns me that everybody is playing catch up with Apple and comparing to iphone. What do u guys think?
    Keeping the X1 or not... right
    If Apple has not announced a new iPhone then i will stick with X1 otherwise, Aino should be nice for the remote play :D

  14. Rothariger

    if i could change it would go for asus p835...

  15. Graf0

    @ Johnny Boy - that is exactly what i did. I did a little research before and after it came out. I found XDA and all the great stuff and people there and that was it. I knew that X1 was what I need.

    Tweaked the WM6.1 to what I expect from a phone/PDA with a touchscreen. Had to replace the standard 6.1 interface because I certainly didn't want to use the stylus (and I never did). Currently using SPB v3 but I'll probably go and try WM6.5

  16. Marjolein

    I would sell mine any time. But my husband will not. My Xperia is rubish....it won't work well, Í've to reset so often, almost daily every two hours...
    At the other hand, my husbands x1 does worke just fine....
    I only don't know what kind of device I wan't...

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