An Official Goodbye!

Posted On: Thursday, December 09, 2010

Well Xperiancers,

Although I had started to play with my X1 again by trying out Android builds on it and other new ROMs and software – yes! yes! I had intended to blog about them but before I could do so, an interested buyer got successful in prying the X1 away from my hands! Yes, you heard that right: I’ve sold off my X1 to someone who probably won’t know much of what to do with it… Smile


With that… Good luck to you all! Good bye! And for those who might be interested in Windows Phone 7 or who might already own a Windows Phone 7 device, I’m thinking of starting a blog on that within a week or so, so keep an eye out!

P.s. if any one of you Xperiancers think you can keep this blog alive with interesting and new posts now and again, then shoot me an email at and I’ll consider adding you as an author on the blog or might just transfer it over to you.


Going for Windows Phone 7

Posted On: Friday, November 05, 2010

October saw the unveiling of Windows Phone devices and a lot of hands-on with the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. How does it pan out? I will leave “reviews” to the professionals (two must-read reviews linked below), but despite its shortcomings, I am really impressed by the new platform. I have to admit that, like many, I didn’t think much of the home screen but now I’m totally in love with it. The live tiles, ability to pin anything on the home screen, fast animations, etc. It’s really refreshing to see a new system that brings a completely new and innovative UI to the mix.


Windows Phone 7 Reviews:

As I announced a few weeks back, I’ve finally decided to put down my Xperia to rest. It has been a good run with the device, no doubt about that, but its certainly become ancient. I would probably have gotten a couple more months out of it had the keyboard not stopped functioning properly – though I probably would have ditched it anyways for something spicier regardless. Winking smile

Obviously when it comes down to purchasing a new mobile/smart-phone, there are a lot of decisions to be made these days. The most important one being, which system do you want to go for? Although I’m extremely certain now that I want my first options to be Windows Phone devices, I will admit that both Blackberry and Android made my list. You might ask why not Apple or Symbian: Nokia’s offering doesn’t entice me for some reason and though I really really dig the 12 MP camera on the N8, I couldn’t bring myself to consider it. And as far as Apple is concerned, I’ve carried around an iPhone for over 2 years and I loved it, but I’m not looking to jump back onto iOS anytime soon unless and until they release a new version that has a whole set of new and captivating features added to it.

So what handset am I thinking of moving to then…? Well, honestly, it is still open for discussion. One day my mind switches to one device, the other day it switches to another. The thing is that being in Pakistan, most of these handsets haven’t hit the market here yet, so I’m relying on a family relative to purchase one for me and bring it down here when they visit mid-November. So basically, I’ve got till mid-November to make my final decision…

And without delay, here’s what my list looks like right now… sorted in order of most favored.

Dell Venue Pro

Ok so we know very little about this handset as Dell has kept it quite a secret. Other than a bunch of videos and basic information about the handset, some things are yet to be “officially” confirmed. The best feature of this device is its keyboard  and apart from Samsung’s appealing Super AMOLED offerings, Dell is the only device with an AMOLED display which is way better than settling for the usual LED displays on the HTC and LG handsets. Overall, in my opinion, this device has the biggest WOW factor in the entire Windows Phone 7 lineup. This is unfortunately the worst kept secret as well as there is no word yet on the availability of the device. With rumors surfacing that it will be on sale by November 8th, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that to be true. Check out the video from below:

A quick look at the Dell Venue Pro

Samsung Omnia 7/HTC Mozart

The second device that I have my eyes, and probably is the one I’ll end up buying if Dell Venue Pro doesn’t hit the market by mid-November, is the Omnia 7. This device’s main attraction is its Super AMOLED display. I honestly didn’t think much about the display before until I saw videos of Dell Venue Pro and Samsung Omnia 7 against those of other handsets such as HTC Mozart or HD7. The Super AMOLED is AWESOME! I actually went down to the local market and checked out this android phone with Super AMOLED and was blown away by the display quality and thus ultimately, Omnia 7 became my second choice to enjoy the vibrant new operating system. Not to mention, according to reviews and tests, the 5MP camera on this device is better than that on most of the other devices. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that the phone’s design isn’t bad either… Check out the video below:

Samsung Omnia 7 with its gorgeous Super AMOLED display…


But then again, I LOVE the form factor of the HTC Mozart more than the Omnia 7. Let’s face it, HTC’s Mozart probably has the best and most solid design of the lot and with an 8 MP camera and a Xeon flash, it would be stupid not to consider it. The biggest con of course is its limited 8GB memory. I wish HTC had enough sense to put in at-least 16 GB, but I guess we can’t expect perfection in one handset. Check out the video below:

BlackBerry Torch 9800

Dell Venue Pro looks awesome with the portrait slider, but when it comes to BlackBerry Torch 9800, I honestly have mixed feelings. I love it sometimes, other times… I just don’t know. As the first slider from Blackberry, it is a really beautiful handset though. The chrome plate around the edges and the back cover…! What attracts me most to this device is obviously the new BlackBerry OS 6 which looks really good – especially the media capabilities of the device. But unfortunately, the new OS 6 doesn’t excite me as much as Windows Phone 7 does. So I will probably not be purchasing this unless and until I can, for some reason, not get my hands on a Windows Phone device. Check out the review below:

Blackberry Torch

HTC Surround

Last on my list but probably one of the most unusually designed device with its slide out speaker! I must admit that it is the speaker itself that peaked my interest in the phone and this was pretty much at the top of my list tied with Dell Venue Pro at one time… But then came in reviews across the web and videos on YouTube that have led me to hate the speaker due to the lack of performance. I’m still keeping it on my list while waiting for reviews from some of the sites that I usually trust with reviews, but unless they report some good tidings about the device, this might just disappear into oblivion for me. Of course the 16 GB space over 8 GB in the Mozart is another plus…! Check out the video here:


So there you have it… the devices that I’m juggling right now. I’m looking forward to seeing more reviews by next week and hope to make my decision soon. If you had to choose between these devices… which one would you choose?


Moving on…

Posted On: Sunday, October 03, 2010

It’s been quite some time since i purchased my X1i and since i did, i’ve loved it and the customizability of the system but i’ve also hated various things; lack of official updates, fading back, cracking case, and a couple of few other things here and there. But overall it was a great ride – that i’ll admit. There’s no denying that the handset is quite outdated now and the Windows Mobile experience has gotten a little cold… and thus i decided, time to move on.

My next stop? I’m highly inclined towards Windows Phone 7… When i first saw it, i had mixed opinions about it. But its grown on me and i’ve fallen in love with the entire new system. Sure there are some functionality limitations here and there but i expect Microsoft to release updates to the system efficiently and periodically… Question comes to availability and device manufacturer: as far as the latter is concerned, HTC is my best bet for the time being. Reliable hardware, quick software updates, and proper support. Though its difficult to say right now with other manufacturers throwing out some really awesome looking images of upcoming devices.

If for some reason, i don’t end up getting a Win Pho 7 device, i’m looking towards Blackberry as my next choice. Initially i was thinking about Android but i love the BB system more and am really liking the new Blackberry OS coming soon to devices…

With that rant, let me state something really obvious: this blog would thus be made inactive from here onwards. Or perhaps i’ll keep the same ‘Xperiancer’ title and start off blogging about whatever phone i do get. So keep an eye out for any updates…! ;)

It was a good ride, this blog… Thank you to all my readers and those who commented and participated in one way or another. It was fun having a new phone with so much potential but it truly made it worth it by sharing it with y’all out there!

Adios Amigos! :)


Leo on X1

Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2010

Ever since HTC Leo surfaced, i’ve been lusting to get the updated HTC Sense UI onto my X1. I personally didn’t like TF3D that much, but with HTC Sense the UI was taken a lot further making it more useful and powerful and an extreme eye-candy. (can’t get enough of the weather animations)

But disappointed I was since all Leo ROMs that surfaced were either too buggy or poor in performance and thus lacked the guts to be used as a day-to-day ROM. Of course there were customizations in between where people brought in Leo with better performance by turning off the X1 panels or those who modified the original TF3D2 (the one with landscape support) to be close to what Leo’s Sense offered. I know, i’m a bit spoiled to be looking for best performance while running X1 Panels as well as HTC Sense…

And now… i can finally say that there is a ROM out there that works just as i had imagined. NRGZ28’s latest Energy ROM with HTC Sense and Windows Mobile 6.5.5 including X1 Panel Manager works like a charm! HTC Sense does full landscape, works super fast (can get a bit laggy if you have too many applications open but otherwise is a charm), and is by far the least buggiest ROM i have used in the last few weeks. (to be honest – i haven’t found any bugs yet but i wouldn’t hold my breath either… :)

Head on here for more info on the ROM. Just so you know, I’m using the 23529 build which according to NRGZ28: “The 23529 Build that's the latest in the 6.5.5 series with the Start/Close buttons at the bottom. These builds are not as stable but they reflect the latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft.”

Screen01[1] Screen02[1]




WinMo 6.1 Custom ROM for X1

Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2010

Ok, so the reality isn’t lost on me… who would want to use Windows Mobile 6.1 these days? But c’mon! This ROM actually got me excited enough to use it for an entire two days and the “only” reason i flashed to another one was because i wanted to try out a new Leo ROM else might have stayed with this ROM for quite a while. Honestly, this beast of a ROM leaves over 380 MB free on your main storage! When have you had that much to play with?

Still, of course there is no denying that the ROM’s main appeal is for Professional and Enterprise users only – as intended by the cooker norti. But once you flash the bare ROM onto your X1, you can customize it to your heart’s desires with the X1 Panel Manager and other flashy tools as required while still keeping a fast ROM at the base. The best customization would be, which i did do, to install WAD2 and then apply some of the ultimate and cool themes that often perform slow on other ROMs.

If interested, head on here for more information on the ROM.


Welcome Back to Me!

Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2010

Hello Xperiancers… Surprised to hear from me? Me too!

The last few weeks have been extremely dull in terms of the X1. Nothing much has happened to get me excited enough to blog about. Nothing much that is until yesterday. What happened you ask? Well, found a custom Leo ROM that actually functions as if it was built only for the X1, tried out Android, and also got hands-on with an extremely fast 6.1 ROM! When i say extremely fast, i mean like SUPER DOOPER FAST!

Keep an eye out for my posts about each to hit the blog soon…